The Looming Doom of my Summer Room

This summer I have to go back home. I chose a university eight hours away so that I could get away. Now I have to go back for three months. Back to the heat, the humidity, the step-dad…

He doesn’t even deserve to be called a step-dad, I need to think of another name for him. how about I just call him obscenities from here on out.

Thankfully the bitch will only be there in July, but still, I do not know if I will be able to spend a month with IT. Let alone three months in that house, all it is is a bad place full of bad memories. Luckily I need to get a job this summer, honestly, I will probably get two.

Everyone else here seems excited for the break, to go home, to see family, yet all it is for me is this great looming wall of uncertainty and pain. I have to leave my small college town, my friends, my new life… I’ll have to go back to putting on an act everyday…

This, my friends, is the looming doom of my summer room.


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