Tips for Essay Analysis

      If you are anything like me and experience a shit ton of anxiety over every essay you write, then these tips are for you. These will help you go over a completed essay and improve upon it.

  • Explain every quote that you put into your paper.
    • Introduce the quote, include the quote, and then tell the reader what the quote just said.
  • Tell us why the quote is significant.
    • How does the quote relate to the thesis? What does it prove or elaborate upon?
  • Ensure that your quotes enhance your paper and make it even stronger than it already is.
    • Quotations should provide pertinent information for analysis, do not just include quotes to make your paper longer.
  • Focus on specific words or phrases that help prove your thesis.
    • Try a very close reading about a specific word or phrase of significance. Explain to your readers why this word or phrase is so incredibly important to your argument.
  • Do not assume that your readers know what you are talking about.
    • Provide as much detail as possible within your analysis without sounding repetitive.
  • Question quotations: how has each quote improved your paper?
    • Does each quote relate to your thesis? Explain. If you can not relate quotes back to your thesis, you may need to do a little more research.
    • Does each quote support your point or thesis? Quotations and analysis are meant to support your ideas. If something is not pertinent to your paper, think about omitting it.
  • What is the opposing view of your thesis? Is there research to back it up?
    • It is okay to add in the opposing view. Explain how it makes your argument stronger. Why are you right?
  • How many sources do you have?
    • Typically, your paper should have at least one source per page
  • Have you over, or under, analyzed?
    • Have a friend review your work too. Read it out loud.

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