Dear Dad, It’s Over

I suppose I should tell the story of my Father before I tell of my step-father. I will warn you now though, my mind has blocked the majority of everything before the age of twelve out. I know for certain, however, that he was extremely neglectful. He would either be on the recliner watching television, or locked in the computer room either playing his stupid online game or watching pay-per-view pornography. He spent hundreds of dollars between that game and his pornography… Diner was expected to be ready as soon as he got home form work, and if it was not he would flip his shit. he also cheated on my Mother multiple times. In fact, he remarried two weeks and a day after the divorce in Las Vegas… We lived in Germany at the time…

After that he acted like a new man, but gradually reverted back to his old, neglectful, son-of-a-bitch self. This went on about three more times, and now I refuse to let him in despite his best efforts. I am done letting people hurt me.


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