Dear Step-Dad, I Hope you Burn in Hell

He does not even deserve the title of step-dad, so from here on out I will simply refer to him via obscenities. When this bitch first moved in with us, he seemed to put effort into everyone’s relationships. He was the father that I had never had. But then they got married and this asshole did a complete 180. I was little more than a pest to him, constantly being told to, “Man Up”.  I had to do all the work while he lounged around all day. Who the hell makes a child power wash the house? He gradually became more and more abusive too, taking it out on me because he lost custody of his kids. I would never be good enough in his eyes. I had failed my second father. He ruined me. He tore me down until I could no longer stand, then ground me into the dirt. I hope it doesn’t, but this summer I may have to go back to the hospital, it may be a me or him type situation.

That’s the story of my “fathers”


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