General Life Update 22/04/18

I accidentally took a short nap, so now I am wide awake, again… and bored as hell… So now I am going to just rant for a bit on here. I apologize in advance.

To start off with, I am not even sure why you guys follow me. All I post is either photos, guides, or me complaining about something. I know that most of this is the depression trying to get me to push everyone away, but still, why me?

It has also been really hard to do things lately, like, even the most basic of tasks can take me twenty minutes, and that is if I even get up. My case manager says that it is because I am over medicated, so I am talking to my psychiatrist on Wednesday.

You guys should send me some feedback on my blog, what do you want changed, what needs improved? So if you would be so kind as to let me know your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated!






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