Tips for Essay Revision

You turn your paper in for the first draft, you think about how hard you worked on it and about that A you plan on getting. Then you get back a 48%…

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it is crushing none the less. So following are some tips on how to improve your grade for next time:

  • Reread the assignment sheet
    • Make sure you completely answered every question
  • Test your thesis
    • Make sure all of your paragraphs and arguments revolve around your thesis
  • Review your research and analysis
    • Do your research sentences seem balanced with the introduction and interpretation sentences? Are  all quotes somehow related back to the thesis?
  • Consider relevance for your audience
    • Ask yourself, “so what?” after every research piece and paragraph, make sure these are all answered at some point in the paper
  • Test your organization
    • Every sentence should somehow relate to that paragraph’s topic
  • Read it out loud
    • It may feel stupid, but it will make mistakes jump right off the page

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