Life Update: 1 May 2018

Well, it is so dry here that the inside of my nose cracked… random nosebleeds out of nowhere, with no warning… I mean, it gushes, it is bad. But anyways, I am not doing too bad actually. Exams start Thursday, Wednesday is dead day. I took an exam yesterday, I am taking another today, one Thursday, and finally one on Monday.

In other news, I am on my second night of no sleep, not fun. but I have to pass psych… which means late night studying because for some reason that is when I focus the best. Oh, I also have a six page research paper due Monday… No internet allowed for research either…

Not much else to say, I am actually taking my meds like I am supposed to also. I still think you guys are loco for following me, I am really not an interesting person.

Stay safe friends


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