Tips on Reading Textbooks

Reading a textbook can be one of the most boring tasks you can get, you slowly lose focus, and you can not seem to remember anything after a while. One way we can help with this is by using the SQ4R method.

  • Survey:
    • Skim through the chapter before you actually read it. Look at the topic headings, figure captions, and summaries. Try to get an overall picture of what lies ahead.
  • Question:
    • Reword each major topic heading into one or more questions.
  • Read:
    • As you read look for answers to the questions you asked. Read in short bits.
  • Recite:
    • After reading a short bite, stop and write down a brief summary of the section. This will reveal what you do and do not know.
  • Reflect:
    • Reflect on what you are reading.
  • Review:
    • When you are done reading, skim back over the section or chapter, or read your notes. Then check your memory by quizzing yourself.

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