Family “vacation”

I had to take an entire week off work to go to my step-mother’s family reunion in North Carolina. I f you have not been following, I hate both my father and step-mother. It will be two days at the reunion, and then five days at a beach, so that will be nice at least. But still, me with a half-sister, step-sister, and sister? No thank you.
I leave tomorrow around two P.M., but I have not even begun packing yet, and now my anxiety is through the roof. My sentences are barely flowing together right now. I get really bad trip anxiety,, and that, combined with the autism spectrum disorder, causes me to shut down entirely half the time. I am also guessing I will not sleep tonight, as I never do before a trip which will affect my bipolar, probably sending me spiraling down into a depressive phase..,
Everything is just, ugh, right now


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