Fuck Bipolar Disorder

First, let me start by saying that I am so, so sorry for having been gone so long. To sum up why, I went home from university (8 hours away), Got a job that allows me to have a shit ton of hours, and have been fighting off a depressive phase the whole time.
Basically with my bipolar I have to fight every day not to slip into an elated manic state, or slip into a deep depressive state. I can feel myself trying to go into that dark depressive state again, but I am fighting it tooth and nail.
I have started taking my medicine as prescribed, I get exercise, my sleep is routine, and my eating is much healthier. I am honestly not sure what to do, I have some situations beyond my control that really are not helping.
But anyways, that is my brief rant about how much I hate this stupid fucking disease. Thank you if you read it.


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