Back to University!!!

Something I have not told you guys yet is that I am a major music nerd, I mean, it is borderline unsettling. I am classically trained on the trumpet with teen years of experience, I am taking lessons on the cello, I am learning piano, I am in the athletic band, the symphonic band, the jazz band, and the community chorus. It is a lot, yes, but it is so worth it. Because of marching band, I got to come back to campus early for band camp.
Band camp was absolutely amazing. I made a plethora of new friends (I have been working on breaking out of my shell and being more social), and the music is just phenomenal. Our very first half time show is themed off of Bruno Mars songs, and we are under the direction of Jonathan Waters, who is, most likely the greatest band director in history. I may be biased though.
As far as actual classes, I have: Policing and Law enforcement, Intro to Criminal Justice, Music Theory, Human Sexuality, Marching band Techniques, Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Community Chorus, Trumpet Lessons, Cello Lessons, Elementary French, and Advise, inspire, Mentoring. For those who do not know, I am majoring in criminology and psychology and minoring in philosophy, history, and music.
I have actually never been in choir before, but when I saw the signs for auditions, I basically said fuck it. I do not regret that for a minute. While it does seem like a lot, I believe I can handle it.
Another interesting thing I have done is started the process of starting a new student organization. I am super hyped about this. It is the Heidelberg College Diabetes Network. I have a constitution typed up, enough members interested, a faculty advisor, now I just have to petition it to the student senate. The chapter organizers have sent me posters, brochures, set me up a chapter email, and more. This organization has been a dream of mine since last year and being able to see it come to fruition like this makes me exuberant.
I am super excited for this semester, so wish me the best of luck! thank you again for reading!


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